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Roulette Syllabus

Is an experience personal in high level investments 'gambling' And have been making a leaving with high level investments 'gambling' Since 2009.

I read over 30,000 pages of pdf from any angle. And Every Book you see !

I came In high level investments 'gambling' In 2004.But I was still working on daily basics tried to win but wasn't possible after years of reading and cording for 6 to 10 hour's pre day I began to win . I became more serious and pay attention to every level in my life. And still a normal day worker after I leading the house , I mean casino and sport betting in 2009 I became a Full time high level investor 'Gambler ' and quit my work .

I started to work as a full time high level investor 'Gambler 'because I hate ' ' And want to have my freedom. I'm a certify Java developer Some Part time in software developing .Sectors In High level investor 'Gambling ' Mainly roulette and craps.

Sport betting lottery are my supporters with some strict rules.minimum section time per game on average two hours maximum eleven hours the rest of the days in the month are for craps , sporting, lottery.all these activities are my own develop systems with the help of some other professionals.

NB : I'm not doing promotions for any site here .