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If your system work why do you sell ?

if your system work why do you sell ? if you want to lose you can afford and deposit into the casino and bet your favorite numbers ,your girlfriend birthdate ,car number,your grandmother date of death. there is no lack in high level investment 'gambling' you learn to win or you lose. that's why i'm here to teach you and you pay me for keeping you from losing

are you trying to predict a single numbers ?

yes am not trying to predict i’m predicting at 99% accurate the single number . in fact you well not understand why i said 99% accuracy until i open your eyes. just like you can’t see and understand arabic does not mean it has not formula to write and learn.

for live casino or land base what you can do it to bet two neighbor of right and two left of the single number. this because due physical conditions. if you watch my videos you can see when i miss out one pocket to the number i show with the mouse.

for online r.n.g there is no need to apply this neighbor bet or any other bet like dozen’s and column’s. what you well do it to bet the key numbers .

what are key numbers?

key number are the numbers that well come and notify us to change the single number to a new number. you can see i do not bet on only one number until i win because the as far as there are spins and the dealer is spinning the ball the formation of the roulette numbers changers very spin. so we move to new number due tosome conditions.

do frequent dealer’s changers affect the outcome of our bet?

absolutely no this not visual ballistics or whatsoever single number i’m predicting has no effect even if they change the dealer is well from algorithm based on the number sequence.

is not visual ballistics see here and look at the dealer name after the first win.the language of what i named it" roulette syllabus" not roulette strategy you learn and understand why you bet and why win or did not won at that point. every bet you place you well no the risk and the bankroll before you start to bet sequence . itrain you to bet with confidence not hoping to win your bet.

do you have proof of your 99% win rate ?

yes i well proof you when you well win, why you need to win .and open your eyes to some level where you will see is possible to know when you’ll win your bet no roulette .

how reliable, accurate the roulette syllabus software are ? i will win every time ? what is the win rate?

it depend on the version you are using roulette syllabus has a build in over 120 strategies full class package 99% win rate with no questions or packages version .

is flat betting better or worse than progressions?

this is a question which has more to do with the betting temperament of the player, than one or the other would be 'better'. if you flat bet, you typically increase the amount of trials you can buy with your bankroll: increasing the amount of trials mathematically increases the probability at one trial or another you might get the bet right.

however, at some occasions getting the bet 'right' would still mean you are losing money because the stake wasn't increased to regain the capital you have invested on the previous trials. a progression: is mostly used to make sure on a success you gain capital.

in the case of our experiment our objective was to bet aggressive once a qualified opportunity did arise, which is why we used progressions. we wanted to make sure if we had a success we gained capital. if you want less risk of losing large sums of money (but also decrease the volatility of winning money) you can chose to flat bet.

flat betting is however a wrong choice if you decide to use it only to make your playing time as long as possible: remember in the chapter 'the house-edge' we have seen the more spins you play, the longer you will be exposed to the house edge. this is the downside to flat betting: you'll have to play more spins because on some occasions a winning bet would still mean you have lost capital on the total of all the bets you placed.

why did you choose to play automated mechanical roulette instead of dealer operated roulette?

the mathematical house edge is lower ('the dealer is not your friend'), in our case the spread was better and the minimum stake was lower so we could buy more trials within our bankroll. and, we could even bypass the spread by splitting up the stake on different betting terminals of the same wheel.

playing on a 2 € minimum bet / chip would severely increase the finances needed to play our strategy (for 2.000 credits you are already talking 4.000 dollars or euro's for one session). because we knew in front we could lose the bankroll at any given occasion we decided against it to take such a high financial risk.

what about dealers' signature?

its nonsense: in a far majority of the venues dealer shifts are far not long enough to seriously research such a statement. even the slightest millisecond in velocity applied to the launch or the slightest difference in wheel rotation will result in a totally different outcome. 'the dealer is not your friend’.

can someone beat roulette consistently?

this is a very difficult question because we would have to define 'consistently'. if consistently means that you will be able to win every time you play a session i would say yes and no. almost 99% of system venders do not know even when their systems well win and base on computer simulations is no.

yes because with roulette syllabus you well be able to see in advance 99% when you well win before you place bet. here if 'consistently' means that the sum of your losses and wins will balance in favour of wins, i would say yes.

i have done it and so can you. a professional player is not an always and every time winner, but he is able to cut down his loss at the right time, and is able to increase his gain without taking huge risk. i cannot express how important the last part is.

if you take huge risk you will fail, maybe you'll have some lucky moments but in the end you will lose everything so if you are planning to get rich overnight with a small initial bankroll, it can not be done, i'm sorry to shatter your illusions.

what about the 'dealer's signature' or 'biased' tables?

'dealer's signature' is a common gambler's term used to describe the idea that the dealer of a roulette table, would be able to deliberately aim the ball towards certain sections or even individual pockets.

another interpretation is that because the dealer has developed a subconscious routine in launching the ball, skilled dealer watchers would be able to predict with more or less accuracy in which section the ball is going to land.

'biased' refers to a table of which the outcomes would differ from random outcomes. because, of the large amount of standard deviation (we will get into that later) involved in the outcomes of roulette, it would take thousands of spins to determine with scientific accuracy that a table is biased, which would be needed to gain sufficient edge. an 'edge' is every strategy of playing which offers enough security to be able to beat the house edge.

older roulette wheels (which are now rarely to be found in casino's), had deep, not scalloped pockets. some people like christopher pawlicki (of whom you can read the interesting book 'get the edge at roulette', argued that by watching the dealer and analyzing the wheel outcomes, one could gain an advantage sufficient enough to beat the house edge.

the technique and concentration required to do this needs a lot of practice, and most players will find the learning curve too time consuming or too complex to be practical.

money management is essential: it is knowing and calculating in front how much you should stake at any given moment in your strategy, to reduce the risk and gain as best as possible versus the odds. whenever i'm in the casino, i have a small sheet with me, so i know exactly in every step of my betting strategy how much i should stake to gradually build up my profit. when you stick to the rules you designed and tested yourself before going in, you will have a far better chance to walk out with a profit.

can everyone adopt your strategy ?

everyone can learn my strategy on a technical basis, but the most difficult part will be changing your attitude towards playing roulette and gambling in general. both are essential to increase your chances of coming out a winner.

do you bet on every spin ?

yes and no depend on the system currently running .

how many units do you earn per session on average ?

wins is equal to your bankroll , table limit and goal for the section.

what is the biggest units betting amount ?

is equal to the your level of play, bankroll and table limit .see here i new from the action of the dealer follow my mouse movement .that is on way i play is betting the wheel similar to visual ballistic .

how many units can we lose in the worst case ?

i do not expect lose from my system but due unknow furture players are advised to take care like casino server not responding , your computer freezing in a middle of a section.

what is lose ?

lose is the state where a gambler total bankroll for gambling is equal to -0.00 or less then the expected goal in period of time. and if and only if a player follow the rules your bankroll well every get to -0.00.

any one what enter the casino with less then 2k with min bet of 5$ or 20$ have the 78% probability to lose all said ' max fortuna' roulette millionaire why because you don't know when your bet well win just hoping to win or basing on some computer simulation.