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Under Tips :

Play to win. Never play not to lose. There is a big difference when you will seem strange, but the condition and quantum physics game.

  • Do not play on crowded tables .
  • Establish an amount to be dedicated to the game as fun and do not add even 1$ more ‘ bankroll ’ .
  • Do not play the full numbers at random is useless there’s no luck remember it. And don’t hope to win .
  • Never play gambling thinks it is a financial asset at a high level .
  • If you enter the casino with a bankroll less than 2000$ and bet on 5$ inside bet and 20$ outside bet there is a 78 % that you well lose all since vendors do not know when their strategies well win You hope to win but when .
  • With roulette syllabus you well know in advance at 99% when your bet will win with no questions .
  • Do not rush spend at least four hours to the game .

the attitude of the professional player :

I cannot stress enough the importance of attitude in the process of becoming a successful player. A professional player never takes more risk than he could afford.

With ‘successful’ I mean that in the end the balance of your wins and losses will be in your favour. You will leave the casino with more than you came in on most occasions. You will not get rich overnight, but you could earn extra income by playing casino games, or if you choose to do so and have the amount of reserve that is needed to make this decision, to become a professional player ( you earn your full income by playing casino games ) .

Under Hints :

I do say I will tell you when your betting number well come In advance with 99% Accuracy .

How to be able to develop a strategy of your choice and Decide when you want to win! Yes when you want to win .

Required topics

  • What is random ?
  • What are randomizations algorithm ?
  • What is number sequence ?
  • How many number sequences do you have ?
  • There are 150 number sequence which I know for now .
  • What is permutations ?
  • What is the deference between permutations and Random ?
  • Fundamental Counting Principle .
  • Recursive Algorithm in computer science ?
  • What are Derandomization algorithms ?
  • What is backtracking algorithm ?
  • Standard deviations ?

NB : Almost all the info can be fund here books or 2 hours tutorials from me .